1000+ into jobs!

Cidori are delighted to announce reaching a massive pre-employment training milestone for the 2020-2021 academic year:  We’ve helped more than 1000 of our learners into jobs – more than a grand outcome!  With UK job vacancies at a 20 year high – hitting 1.1 million between July and September, (Office for National Statistics) the highest level since records began in 2001 and with the UK unemployment rate now estimated at 4.5% (4% before the pandemic) these are challenging times for those who are seeking employment.

So, we think this good news is worth sharing!

1000+ jobs touches 1000’s of lives… Job outcomes matter and make a difference not just to the lives of our learners, but to the lives of their families, friends and of course their new employers.

Take Tiffany, seen here this week with Cidori Director Brendan Smith… Our team was able support Tiffany’s entry into the Trainee Scheme being run in London by ‘Vistry Partnerships’ and help her apply for a role. She landed her new job in September 2021 and we asked her for some feedback:

The course gave me the basic skills and knowledge of a completely new industry that I’ve been able to really develop an enjoyment for. It’s given me new career prospects that literally mean the sky is the limit now. I have just started working for Vistry Partnerships as a community liaison officer, I am enjoying my new role, no day is the same and I’m learning new things daily. I’m looking forward to growing my career within the company and the industry.”

Our ‘Ready for Work’ programmes are designed to help people find sustainable employment. So our work coaches and employment managers work tirelessly with our learners to help get them into jobs – in other words our support doesn’t stop when our courses end. Tiffany is one example of the increasing number of learners we are enrolling with our training & funding partners across the UK onto fully funded, on-line courses. These are not only providing needed skills and qualifications but importantly are helping them into sustainable employment…changing lives for the better.

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1000 Jobs!