Cidori – a Japanese concept of precise interlocking pieces that create a surprisingly strong, yet flexible joint – holding itself together with no glue, nail or fixing.

At Cidori, we believe intelligent design builds flexible, robust training solutions that are surprisingly uncomplicated yet hold together – strengthening and supporting your people, especially in challenging times.

In business for people

We’re a leading supplier of bespoke learning and development solutions that drive up workplace performance.

We start by understanding your challenges from the inside. This enables us to devise solutions that help your people move your business forward. By working this way, it results in learning and development programmes that increase skills, efficiency and profitability for your business.

This approach builds trust and transparency and helps us forge outstanding client relationships – testimony to the concept above that led us to become ‘Cidori’.

We strengthen and support your most important asset: your people.

Our Values – Aiming High

Our values are the heart and soul of Cidori, motivating us to be the best we can be. They drive the way we work with our clients, helping us foster trusting and long-lasting relationships.

We know the higher we value ourselves, the higher value we offer to our clients.

Our Learners


When our learners tell us that we’ve helped them, that they have benefited from the learning – it makes everything worthwhile, and reminds us what we’re about.

Our People


Our people operate at the very top of their profession.

Their combined wealth of industry knowledge and experience, together with a cast iron commitment to first class customer service, has positioned Cidori as a leading supplier of bespoke learning and development solutions.

Putting Excellence First

We’re partnered with RoATP accredited learning & skills providers Barnet Southgate College.