Address that gap

Interesting to read recent comments from Sabby Gill, CEO at Thomas International in the context of education keeping pace (or not) with the rapidly changing workplace.

He points up the developing skills gap many industries are experiencing and the need for HR leaders to address this by upskilling/reskilling employees.

We couldn’t agree more – for this reason a key element of Cidori’s mission is to show how this approach works via apprenticeship programmes for existing employees.

Time and again this has demonstrated to businesses we’ve worked that it leads to:

  • Business growth
  • Retention of key talent
  • Strengthened employee engagement

As Mr Gill puts it; “it’s one of the easiest ways to solve the growing skills gap. By promoting continued development within culture, businesses can boost job satisfaction, remain competitive and unlock the full potential of their existing workforce.” (HRreview: Nov 12, 2021)

We believe that properly approached, harnessing the apprenticeship levy is an excellent way to achieve these business-critical goals, and currently represents [we respectfully suggest] an opportunity that many organisations are missing out on by writing the levy off as a non-avoidable tax.

To arrange an impartial, no-obligation apprenticeship levy discussion with one of our experts, please contact:

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