Apprenticeship Flexibilities

Covid-19 has brought into sharp focus the necessity of harnessing technology in the delivery and assessment of learning – whether pre-employment (AEB) or apprenticeships.

So, a positive announcement has been made recently by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education to the effect that several of the “flexibilities” temporarily applying to apprenticeships during Covid-19 will move to becoming indefinite adjustments, including the remote delivery of apprenticeship assessment.

Evidently representing several steps forward from the pre-Covid situation, this move away from short term flexibilities must be good news – technological developments make a compelling case for adoption rather than retreating to “how we always did it” mode e.g., simulated environments and on-line exams.

Our understanding of the full list of flexibilities making this transition are:

  • remote delivery of assessment (including invigilation)
  • remote assessment gateway sign-off
  • pauses between elements of end point assessments
  • flexibility of assessment element delivery order
  • simulated environments in place of workplace observation
  • assessments outside usual venues
  • on-line assessment exams

Plans are in place by the Institute to publish more guidance on just how these “flexibilities” will be applied from 2022.

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