Apprenticeship Standards let you mind your own business

Every business needs a capable, confident and skilled workforce. And if our client experience is anything to go by, apprenticeships are often the not-so-secret weapon to achieve it. We know they really work.

Yet the structure for designing and assessing apprenticeships has, in the main, focused on a frameworks model favouring academic achievement over occupational suitability. One where ‘success’ is measured by an external awarding body rather than by the employer’s requirements of the job.

Two years ago, this started to change with the introduction of the new occupationally focused standards model of apprenticeships. Businesses could now choose to ditch frameworks in favour of a solution altogether more fit for purpose, developed by industry leaders. Job standards (rather than exam board criteria) measure the success of apprenticeships, delivering what employers really need in their workforce.

A win-win all round


Under the new standards, both employer and apprentice gain. Employers determine learning outcomes to match their own talent needs, with apprentices undertaking learning programmes that they know will make them job-ready on completion.

The standards model also includes End-Point Assessment (EPA), a quality mark that checks that the apprentice has gained the skills, behaviours and knowledge of their apprenticeship. The frameworks model doesn’t offer this, with many apprentices still needing further on-the-job training.


With 100s of new Apprenticeship Standards on stream, and more emerging all the time, working with Cidori on your next apprenticeship programme offers huge flexibility with a sharp focus on tailoring apprenticeship programmes to directly meet your needs.

Through bespoke apprenticeships based on the Standards model, we will help you equip your people to:

  • become better managers and leaders
  • understand and develop the tools needed to drive business improvement

Adding value

Cidori unlocks added value by drawing on years of expertise in managing the delivery of apprenticeships. We can enhance the new apprenticeship standards to maximise benefits for both learners and clients.

For example, having delivered successful management and team leading programmes across multiple organisations, we will build into the Level 3 ‘Improvement Technician’ standard some key team leadership skills, thus extending the outcomes and skills that your employees and business requires.

Our track record in delivering substantial process improvements for our clients means we can embed elements from Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) into, for example, the Level 2 ‘Lean Manufacturing Operative’ and Level 3 ‘Team Leader/Supervisor’ standards.

Our rich background in leading project-based apprenticeships across many sectors means we can incorporate projects into any standard, focusing on business improvements or better leadership. Helping our clients add real value to their bottom line.

We believe adding value in these ways offers a unique approach to the management and delivery of apprenticeship standards. All programmes follow a carefully designed project-based approach to ensure learners identify, develop and deliver substantial savings, waste reduction and productivity benefits over the duration of their apprenticeship programme and far beyond.

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