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3 R’s and the Current Climate

Back to school (or not) seems a big talking point currently – but not of course the only education issue… Cidori appreciates that the current situation presents unique challenges to businesses who want to develop their people – which brings us to the key role training will have when it comes to 3 vital R’s: … Continued

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‘Construct a Career’ Partners with Wates

Cidori is delighted to see more successful outcomes from our most recent ‘Construct a Career’ collaboration with O’Neill & Brennan, delivered in partnership with the Wates Group in Brent. Wates currently has a number of live sites across Brent that will offer job opportunities for graduates of Construct a Career, which offers rapid solutions to … Continued

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Getting ready for Brexit: Food and Drinks Manufacturing

Combine the automotive and aerospace sectors and you start to understand the scale of Food and Drink Manufacturing in the UK. According to a  Food & Drink Federation recent report, this sector contributes some £28.2b to the economy annually and employs some 400,000 people. It therefore represents a key component of the nation’s ‘farm to … Continued

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Apprenticeship Standards let you mind your own business

Every business needs a capable, confident and skilled workforce. And if our client experience is anything to go by, apprenticeships are often the not-so-secret weapon to achieve it. We know they really work. Yet the structure for designing and assessing apprenticeships has, in the main, focused on a frameworks model favouring academic achievement over occupational … Continued

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Continuous Improvement & Your Business

What is Continuous Improvement? Continuous improvement (CI) is a culture – it keeps the focus on improving the way things are done – on a regular basis. This can happen through progressive improvements to processes or by focusing on achieving larger process improvements. It’s important however not to miss the smaller, incremental changes that when aggregated bring valuable and significant … Continued

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Constructing new careers by keeping it local

Political uncertainty and Brexit delays have seen a widely buoyant construction industry chart a more uncertain course according to recent IHS Market / CIPS UK Construction Total Activity Index reports. Yet despite the findings, there remains a steady increase in house building. Particularly in growth areas like Birmingham, where demand is greatly outstripping supply for … Continued

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Why it pays to invest in your brand’s frontline

Great service makes good business First class customer service is one of the critical competitive advantages for any business. Successful organisations who invest in the development of their front-line service staff equip them to deliver the best customer experience possible. Customers receiving the best experience keep on coming back. State of the Connected Customer, a report by leading CRM … Continued

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