Preparing for take-off: can apprenticeships in aviation address the soaring demand for skills?

The UK has the largest aviation network in Europe and the third largest in the world. As a sector, aviation contributes more than £22 billion to the UK economy, together with 230,000 jobs. Passenger numbers continue to rise sharply year on year.

Yet the aviation sector is struggling to develop and maintain the skills pipeline necessary to cope with the soaring demand for flight travel. One reason is the retiring Baby Boomer workforce, causing significant skills gaps to emerge across aviation operations, from engineers and technicians to back office and frontline staff. Coming of age at the same time at the commercial airline business, the Baby Boomer generation has been both the industry’s first full-fledged mass market and the major part of its workforce.

This situation is not unique to the aviation sector. As reported in previous Cidori blogs, other growth industries such as rail, manufacturing and construction all face similar skills challenges.

Off to a flying start

In a recent article (Oct 2019) the aviation trade body, British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA) highlighted this challenge and the goal of creating apprenticeships for a range of aviation services – including flight operations, ground operations and airworthiness.

So the potential for apprenticeships in aviation is huge, and goes way beyond the STEM focused apprenticeships called for by the BBGA. Yes, piloting and engineering skills are in high demand. But so are those in leadership and management, business improvement, logistics, customer service and more.

Check-in with apprenticeships

Cidori can help. We run numerous successful apprenticeship programmes including:

  • Management and Leadership skills
  • Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) (Lean, Continuous Improvement)
  • Business Administration Skills
  • Retail and Customer Servicing Skills
  • Warehouse and Supply Chain Logistics

Our range of bespoke business improvement apprenticeships are proven to increase recruitment, skills and workplace efficiency across multiple sectors. Aviation is no exception in benefiting from apprenticeships that:

  • support staff to increase customer value
  • embed continuous improvement
  • maximise waste reduction
  • boost productivity
  • develop future industry leaders to drive needed change

Focused, flexible and fit for purpose

Cidori’s approach offers huge flexibility with a sharp focus on tailoring apprenticeship programmes to directly meet the specific needs of every business.

  • on-the-job training in your workplace with dedicated, qualified tutors
  • programmes available from Level 2 nationally recognised qualifications
  • cost-effective, funded development of your talent pipeline and upskilling existing employees
  • apprenticeships available in hundreds of job roles, covering most service areas and responsibilities

Cidori is partnered with Barnet Southgate College and Gateshead College, the no.1 ESFA ranked college in England/Wales, Ofsted Outstanding and RoATP accredited learning and skills provider.

Find out more 

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