3 R’s and the Current Climate

Back to school (or not) seems a big talking point currently – but not of course the only education issue…

Cidori appreciates that the current situation presents unique challenges to businesses who want to develop their people – which brings us to the key role training will have when it comes to 3 vital R’s:

  • Re-grouping
  • Resilience
  • Recovery

According to a recent BBC report employers are not using hundreds of £millions of apprenticeship levy funding for apprenticeship training.

More than 50 of the largest employers in England have apparently each released more than £1m back to the government and approximately 5,000 employers have waived over £400m of funding raised by the levy in the first eight-month period when sums could expire.

Young man working alone at desk

Before you decide to view the levy as tax and say goodbye to the funds, why not invest an hour or so and meet (however you wish) one of our consultants to see the huge potential and benefits that harnessing the levy can bring to your organisation?

Apprenticeships work. Fact

Working with Cidori to harness your levy will result in a tailored, transformational program that delivers:

  • consistent client focused content
  • continuous process improvements
  • better team working & effective communication
  • measurable outcomes
  • real cost improvements for your business
  • increased employee engagement
  • achievement of the 3 R’s

Here to help 

Our tailored approach means flexibility – focusing on those elements of the programme that directly meet your business needs. We understand that people with the right skills are hard to find and pivotal to your long-term growth.

Cidori delivers these programs across multiple sectors – a key part of our workforce apprenticeship levy programme, developed and delivered in partnership with RoATP accredited learning & skills providers.

For a no-obligation discussion on how your organisation can benefit from a Cidori bespoke apprenticeship programme please contact:

David Murfitt

01788 851230

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