Cidori: SMMT Associate Member

Our associate membership of The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) – one of the largest, most influential trade associations in the UK,  plays a key role in our apprenticeship programme outreach to the UK automotive sector.

It’s true – we’re not a typical SMMT member – we’re not an OEM or a Tier 1-3 supplier…however, we understand the dynamics, pressures, and needs of the automotive industry and the value of an educated, motivated, highly skilled and engaged workforce.

Cidori is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds – Automotive Manufacturing & Logistics; Education & Financial Services – we work with our clients to deliver a fully managed apprenticeship levy funded programme. Our national team has a proven automotive track record in particular and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished with a number of auto-clients such as Lear Corporation, Bentley, Grupo Antolin, NSG (Pilkington), Schoeller Allibert and Chromalloy.

Apprenticeship Levy

There’s been some negativity towards apprenticeship levy programmes; not enough value for money, too academic and not sufficiently industry focused. However, from the 20/21 academic year there has been a significant change to the landscape in the transition from ‘Frameworks’ to ‘Standards’ – where industry members create the content – here’s an example of what we mean including those companies directly involved in writing the programme:

Lean Manufacturing Operative [Level 2]

Trailblazer contact(s)

Employers involved in creating the standard: Nissan Motor Manufacturing, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Calsonic Kansei, ADIANT, DHL, JCB, NAC Group, Caterpillar, Perkins, Jaguar Landrover, Bacoll, BMW, Vision Labs, Cargill Meats Limited, Nifty Lift

You can see the full nature and scope of this highly automotive-relevant apprenticeship programme here:

Since the Apprenticeship Levy is here to stay, a big part of our mission is to help our clients use the levy to their advantage rather than writing it off as a tax and getting nothing back.

Change, change & more change…

Perhaps in no other sector is such a massive transition taking place and nowhere else is this nascent shift in roles, technology and management being seen than in automotive – the plans of the big tech giants at Apple, Google, Amazon & Tesla & co must surely be concentrating minds on the boards of Ford, GM, and VW and their respective supply chains.

Transitioning to EV with new technologies (rather than traditional manufacturing skills) taking the leading role – with ever more complex software, electronics, programming, connected and autonomous vehicles – represents the most radical change to the sector since the Model T rolled off the line in 1908.

Manage with training

Navigating this emerging landscape of necessity means embracing training & learning opportunities – and it’s worth noting that if your business invests in apprenticeship training to the extent that your Levy pot is exhausted, the Government will pay 95% of any additional costs.

We would be delighted to arrange a no-obligation initial consultation/exploration (in-person or virtual) with one of our levy experts. We believe this discussion will provide you with ideas on harnessing the levy and demonstrate how to unlock tangible, measurable business improvements along with increased employee engagement & retention of key talent.

Following this, and perhaps coming along to see a client programme in action*, we feel sure you will see more clearly the art of the possible through the Apprenticeship Levy.

To arrange an impartial, no-obligation discussion with one of our experts, please contact:

David Murfitt
07930 493038


*We positively embrace opportunities for prospective clients to visit a client site to see what we do for themselves – more importantly to hear first-hand how our clients feel about our deployment of a Levy funded business improvement programme and the benefits it has brought to their business.

For example, a visit to our client Lear Corporation will reveal how:

  • we listened to and understood their particular needs
  • we identified the Levy compliant apprenticeship programme which most closely matched those needs
  • we adapted the programme and designed the course content to match Lear’s own processes
  • we delivered the learning, led, and mentored the learners to the completion of ~ 50 CI projects
  • the success of the initial programme at Coventry convinced Lear to roll it out to their other operations in the UK