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Grupo Antolin faced a number of issues relating to their outside storage facilities. Among the challenges was the need to introduce a more structured organisation of available space – this was illustrated by storage of obsolete tooling/moulds, storage containers at maximum capacity, old packaging and storage of scrap metal.

These issues were creating a clear cost to the business arising from a number of factors – not only the costs of procuring offsite storage facilities but also inefficiencies of processes and the resultant time being taken to locate stock within the existing storage area. Additionally there were Health & Safety issues for the workforce and an obvious and poor visual impact on customers.

Thus a critical need was identified to better organise and utilize the space available.


In consultation with Cidori, the Grupo Antolin Senior Management team selected ‘Improving Operational Performance/Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) Level 2’ as one of the programmes to be delivered.

Grupo Antolin saw the benefits that this program can bring to a manufacturing organisation by eliminating wastes and better organising the resources at its disposal. Added to this the required cultural and behavioural changes, upskilling of the workforce and introduction of enhanced working practices were all seen as desirable outcomes from the apprenticeship delivery program.


As a result of this BIT program improvement project, a future state process was identified which incorporated more efficient scrappage, increased undercover storage and more accountability for outside storage. The work done by the apprentices in this project was key to the success of the overall programme and instrumental in the promotion of the programme – both with the rest of the workforce and the senior management team.

It was decided to relocate the off-site storage warehouse facility to an on-site facility, which in turn mitigated many of the health & safety and environmental issues and resulted in less waste.

Improvements Delivered

Offsite Storage
Prior to the implementation of the BIT program, these costs were running at £308K per annum for 1 lorry operating between the sites. As a result of the installation of an on-site temporary storage structure, overall annual cost savings were made of £192K in year 1, rising to £254K in years 2-5.

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