Kinnerton Confectionery


Kinnerton engaged us to deliver a bespoke apprenticeship programme. Flexibility in the delivery of training was key, to accommodate the various working patterns of employees and avoid needless operational disruption.


Kinnerton Confectionery selected Improving Operational Performance/Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) Level 2, offering an excellent vehicle to drive both the cultural and behavioural changes required by Kinnerton and upskill their employees.

From the outset we worked closely with the client to bespoke the programme to Kinnerton specifications and ensure flexibility. The programme has already helped Kinnerton identify areas for improvement, including removing non-value added activities and waste from processes and services.


This programme’s blend of theoretical learning, training room activity and practical application with tools and techniques has resulted in continuous improvements in the Kinnerton workplace.

Our flexible delivery plan has ensured high attendance rates, achieved the desired minimising of any disruption to working patterns and earned the employees a highly valued qualification.

Throughout the course we engaged over 60 learners, and helped Kinnerton attract £630,000 in government funded training support.

A total of 11 projects were delivered, achieving a combined annual saving of £671,178.

The most successful savings were made across three key areas:

  • OEP Reduction = £155k savings per annum
  • VCS Bulk Replacement = £179k saving in first year
  • SAP Replenishment System = £152k saving in first year
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“We would highly recommend anyone looking for a quantifiable training platform based on Six-Sigma & Lean workforce skills to talk to Cidori. Our journey has not only been commercially successful in terms of project revenue, but we now have a highly motivated workforce.”

Kinnerton Confectionery

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