Lear Corporation is a global leader in automotive seating and Cidori, in partnership with Kendal College & Barnet and Southgate College, continues to manage & deliver apprenticeship levy funded training across Lear’s UK operations. From the outset, Lear were clear about their aims – re-invigoration of their operational teams to engage with and improve company metrics and overall business performance.

Lear’s Senior Management Team has invested in a rolling organisational development programme centred at their Coventry HQ. This programme is a central pillar of their strategy and focuses on building a culture of empowerment, engagement and trust in line with their core vision of ‘quality first time’.


The collaboration involved Lear, Cidori & their college partners jointly scoping and then rolling out a levy compliant, business improvement techniques training programme tailored to Lear’s values and designed to address their specific objectives:

  • Improve ‘Right First Time’ (RFT) performance
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce waste
  • Increase employee skill levels and engagement
  • Accelerate roll out of the ‘Lear Way’
  • Improve overall literacy & numeracy levels

Among the specific areas Lear wanted to address was an enhanced workforce understanding around the launch of new models and products. As Jack Boatman, Continuous Improvement Manager at Lear puts it:

  “ The training that Cidori provides gives our people a foundation to make a real difference in the workplace and broaden their horizons. People are able to build their functional skills, confidence and technical ability to be able to go on to develop real business savings in various other site initiatives.


The programme has been running for more than two years and has so far provided Level 2 improvement techniques and functional skills training for over 480 learners across three Lear sites. More recently we have also commenced a Level 3 Team Leadership programme at the Coventry site.

Already the programme put in place has seen Lear enjoy some dramatic results and measurable benefits as a direct result of the training:

  • Right First Time performance has improved by 20%
  • More than 48 process improvement projects have been delivered and yielded significant direct savings
  • Scrap rates have fallen sharply and are now on budget.

Overall, Lear calculates the programme to have yielded significant cost improvements, and beyond this the training has resulted in some significant and very beneficial outcomes across the Lear workforce:

  • Employee engagement and empowerment has increased
  • Several individuals have gained promotion through the demonstration of their ability through the programme
  • The rate of workforce attrition has reduced
  • All the communication and training issued raised during Employee Opinion Surveys have been addressed

This clear impact on employee engagement has also been seen in improved team morale – Lear reports that staff are more connected with the company, its values and vision.

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The vision is to engage our employees with fresh and new experiences by creating strong teams and developing individuals effectively. Our partnership with CIDORI allows us to deliver an integrated learning and development function and work together to achieve this vision in an extremely beneficial way.

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