Matalan’s scanner system (affecting 350 hand held scanners at a cost of £1,000 each) was causing avoidable and expensive downtime. Scanners were getting lost or damaged, batteries were not being charged. Operative time was being wasted sourcing kit that was good to go, especially at the start of a new shift.

In some instances, it was taking up to 30 minutes from shift start time for the entire shift team to become fully operational. When you consider there are 200 picker operatives, the impact was considerable.

Matalan had also invested significant funds in faster finger scanners to replace the hand-helds, but with the prevailing issues in asset management, these finger scanners weren’t ready to be rolled out.


With full management buy-in, Cidori worked in partnership with Matalan on a shop floor led Business Improvement Techniques project, funded entirely through their Levy pot. The project focused on reducing the downtime needed to maintain, access and charge scanners at shift handover, as well as lessening the requirement for battery changes during shifts.


Matalan achieved an overall saving of £150,875 per annum, achieved through:

  • Reduction in downtime
  • Reduced shift handover time from one hour to less than 15 minutes
  • Reduced battery changes during shift
  • Rollout of finger scanners from end of January this year

This is just one of a number of projects Cidori worked with Matalan to deliver – all delivering substantial operational and financial benefits.

Back to our clients

“Your project was worth the investment. In the first few weeks it managed to pay back just over £7,000 in time saved! It is undisputedly a huge success because of your constant drive during and after. You should be incredibly proud of it and yourselves. Huge thanks and well done!”

John Smith, Senior Continuous Improvement Manager, Matalan

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