Nice-Pak is committed to operating in a continuously improving environment and therefore saw the need to create and embed a stronger problem-solving culture throughout their organisation. This was particularly in the context of improving ‘right first-time’ rates and reducing scrap/waste.


In consultation with Cidori, the Nice-Pak Senior Management team selected ‘Improving Operational Performance/Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) Level 2’ as the program that would enable this challenge to be successfully met.

Nice-Pak immediately saw the benefits of this program to a manufacturing organisation arising from the elimination of wastes and better organising of the resources at their disposal.

Additionally, the resultant cultural and behavioural changes, upskilling of the workforce and introduction of enhanced working practices were all identified as beneficial outcomes from the delivery of a BIT program.


As a direct outcome of the BIT program, the Nice-Pak teams involved were trained to analyse more closely and effectively every process and activity from a waste reduction perspective.

This enabled Nice-Pak to improve start-up processes significantly as well as the concomitant reduction in processed material wastage.



Back to our clients

“Our journey started from an initial consultation with Cidori. We needed help to drive forward the Nice-Pak operational excellence strategy across our business and were looking for a training partner to help us achieve this vital objective. From the outset, Cidori’s approach has been uncompromising in their commitment to build a program around our objectives, culture and values – at every step of the way they have listened to us and sought to understand our strategic aims. Based on these insights, the recommendations and training program implemented with Cidori’s help have already brought tangible and significant benefits to our operations. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cidori’s bespoke approach to the designing and running of apprenticeship training.”

John Henry, Head of European Manufacturing, Nice-Pak

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