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Minimising waste correctly and safely is an ongoing challenge for any food-based business, and for leading supplier of quality lamb Randall Parker Foods this has always been a top priority.

Wasteful processes had become a major problem at their Andover depot. The storage of dry goods was separate to their main building and somewhat vulnerable to the weather.

This resulted in lost time locating and transporting dry goods to the packaging area, and lost stock due to water ingress damage.


The management team at Randall Parker Foods identified the need to implement a Lean efficiency programme focusing on improving dry stock storage and transportation. They commissioned Cidori to work with them on a shop floor led Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) project, funded entirely through their Levy pot.

The project focused on reducing the downtime needed to access and transport dry goods to the packaging department, resulting in less damage and loss of stock.

Stock location and selection utilising 5S and Kanban Lean systems have been agreed which will deliver significant efficiencies. Introduction of a digital scanner system was also planned.


Randall Parker Foods saw progressive, measurable savings from the programme with Cidori:

  • Reduction of downtime and transportation requirements
  • Reduction in wastage of goods
  • Reduction in time required to locate stock
  • Digital management of stock control
  • Improved Environmental Policy and Safety
  • Improved levels of employee Functional Skills
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This programme has shown staff the challenges a company faces when making decisions on implementing new processes, including evaluating cost, barriers and the importance of adding value. Those [who are] not normally decision makers within the business have been given the opportunity to find solutions, alter processes and implement new procedures. A win-win for everyone.”

Jim Gaffney, Managing Director

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