Waitrose partnered with Cidori’s Pre-Employment Program to work with and support the local community in providing job seekers demonstrating enthusiasm and aptitude for retail work an excellent training and job opportunity.

Part of the challenge was to deliver a training program specifically tailored to meet Waitrose requirements, linked with The Retail Data Partnership so that an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) operating system could feature as part of the delivery. Cidori’s team worked closely with Waitrose’s Sector Manager for Recruitment to coordinate the agreed program.


Cidori implemented a 2-week sector based Work Academy to deliver BTEC Level 1 Certificate in Retail Knowledge. As noted above this included use of EPOS and all students were able to utilise this technology during the program – this allowed learners to address key areas such as sales patterns, trends and monitoring of transactions at the point of sale. Additionally, the sale of restricted products and related legislation were discussed along with connected retail campaigns such as Challenge 21.

Also included in the program was the opportunity to make an initial online job application to Waitrose, and upon completion of the course, this guaranteed each learner an interview directly with Waitrose.

Additional material included in the program were topics such as:

  • Shoplifting
  • Security
  • Ethical retailing
  • Product sourcing
  • Responsible fishing
  • Fairtrade Partnership


This program was a huge success for the Waitrose/Cidori partnership and resulted in a 100% learner completion of the course. As noted above this meant that the entire group of learners were guaranteed a personal interview directly with Waitrose – an excellent outcome and opportunity.


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“This was a fresh approach for Waitrose as we actively sought to embark on working closely with and supporting the local community. Our partnership with Cidori, operating in conjunction with the local Job Centre Plus provided the opportunity to interview screened potential candidates with specific predetermined skills in retail.”

HR Business Partner, Waitrose

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