Continuous Improvement & Your Business

What is Continuous Improvement?

Continuous improvement (CI) is a culture – it keeps the focus on improving the way things are done – on a regular basis. This can happen through progressive improvements to processes or by focusing on achieving larger process improvements. It’s important however not to miss the smaller, incremental changes that when aggregated bring valuable and significant improvements to your business.

 Why Embed a Continuous Improvement Culture?

Embedding a CI culture yields many benefits. It improves employee engagement and reduces staff turnover. When employees actively embrace this culture they derive a sense of pride and accomplishment from making things better – this in turn results in a stronger feeling of ‘belonging’ and fewer reasons to look elsewhere.

Continuous improvement also enables you to get a consistent message across your business regarding your ‘way’ of working – this can be particularly important when a company has grown through acquisition or has itself undergone a change of ownership and you need to ensure everyone is ‘on the same page’.

So how do you identify opportunities for Continuous Improvement?

Continuous Improvement employs a number of tools that can be used to train your entire work force. With this training your people can spot processes that are not ‘Lean’, or that are wasteful and simply inefficient – when you give your employees the tools to bring in these beneficial changes it becomes very empowering and all sorts of collateral benefits ensue – as many of our clients are experiencing with increased right first time rates, scrap reduction and increased staff morale. Several CI tools and ‘Lean’ methods are discussed here.

What will help your business strengthen Continuous Improvement strategy?

Improvement Programmes are a good example of apprenticeships that introduce and embed a CI mind-set within any business. Through organisation and visualisation, opportunities for using methods such as ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ are identified, duplicated work is easily spotted, unnecessary tasks are dropped and needless waste is eliminated – so costs can be reduced significantly. These programmes will provide the basic tools to identify, improve and sustain improvements to your business processes.

Click here to see how a Business Improvement Techniques apprenticeship program with our client Lear Corporation has delivered significant, tangible outcomes. Our bespoke approach means we build in CI projects at the design stage of the apprenticeship course – we do this because we’re passionate about adding value and driving positive behaviours from our courses – we know from experience that such projects deliver not only a return on investment but increase workforce engagement and empowerment.

 Cidori is partnered with Barnet Southgate College and Gateshead CollegeNo.1 ESFA ranked college in England/Wales, Ofsted Outstanding and RoATP accredited learning and skills provider.

So that you can see what our clients say about a Cidori apprenticeship, click here for some feedback.

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