Why it pays to invest in your brand’s frontline

Great service makes good business

First class customer service is one of the critical competitive advantages for any business.

Successful organisations who invest in the development of their front-line service staff equip them to deliver the best customer experience possible. Customers receiving the best experience keep on coming back.

State of the Connected Customer, a report by leading CRM provider Salesforce, revealed that 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services. 80%.

The report also finds that 76% of customers say it is easier than ever to take their business elsewhere. With evidence like this, it’s clear that any business failing to invest in building an exceptional customer experience around their brand is putting customer loyalty at huge risk. And that has measurable commercial impact.

The link between customer experience and profitability is clear. These days buyers want more than just value for money, with 67% even prepared to pay more for a great experience.

Can an apprenticeship programme help?

Short answer, yes. Customer service is at the heart of most business activity, so a focused customer service apprenticeship will undoubtedly prove valuable across a wide range of industries and roles.

So if your business is focused on building positive brand reputation and loyalty, maybe it’s the ideal time to invest in a customer service apprenticeship programme.

Customer Service Practitioner Apprenticeship

This new apprenticeship from Cidori is designed to support and develop customer services teams in any industry or sector. It will provide your customer services team with a thorough understanding of the key skills and abilities they need to:

  • deliver effective, high quality customer service
  • progress in a wide range of roles supporting customers before, during and after purchase

How does it work?

Our training framework is flexible and tailored to your business needs. From principles and concepts through to practical implementation, your team will learn how to engage with customers and build rapport. They’ll be able to recognise and respond to individual needs, in order to provide a personalised customer service experience.

Upon completion, learners will be able to demonstrate a wide range of skills and knowledge including:

  • understanding the needs and expectations of customers
  • understanding your organisation
  • meeting regulations and legislation within a customer service environment
  • dealing with conflict and challenge
  • communication skills in customer or non-customer facing roles

Apprenticeships are working

  • With a bespoke apprenticeship programme from Cidori, you will:
  • Learn from the best on-the-job training in your workplace with dedicated, highly qualified tutors
  • Be fully accredited Level 2 nationally recognised qualifications, delivered in partnership with an outstanding college
  • Get apprenticeships for everyone bespoke apprenticeship programmes for current employees as well as new recruits
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility apprenticeships that cover hundreds of job roles, service areas and responsibilities
  • Help your talent grow cost-effective, funded development of your talent pipeline & upskilling existing employees
  • Reap the rewards achieve massive financial, operational and HR benefits year on year

Find out more

CIDORI delivers bespoke apprenticeships developed in partnership with Gateshead College; RoATP accredited, Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’, and ranked the best performing college in England for post 16 education and training in 2019.

For a no-obligation discussion on how your business can benefit from a Cidori bespoke apprenticeship programme please contact:

David Murfitt

01788 851230