Dedicated or Diluted Apprenticeship Tutor?

Did you know we donā€™t spread apprenticeship tutors across multiple clients?

During National Apprenticeship week it seems appropriate to shine a light on the benefits these programmes deliver.

Cidori continues to develop robust apprenticeship programmes with RoATP accredited providers Barnet Southgate College & Kendal College ā€“ these bespoke programmes are having positive, measurable impacts on individuals, businesses, and the wider economy.

We firmly believe that apprenticeships help:

  • employees develop the skills and knowledge needed to progress a rewarding career
  • clients develop a talented workforce that is engaged and equipped with future-ready skills

One of the key aspects of a Cidori-College partnership apprenticeship is we don’t spread tutors across different clients.

Our partnership tutors are dedicated to their assigned client ā€“ aligned & focused on your business rather than diluted across several client organisations.

We believe this brings significant benefits:

  • Greater consistency of delivery
  • Better tutor alignment with your business
  • Stronger tutor-employer & tutor-learner relationships
  • Increased tutor responsiveness to business needs
  • Greater tutor understanding of client business culture & language

Just one of the unique aspects of a Cidori-College partnership apprenticeship programme – why not speak with one of our consultants to discover different ways of harnessing and benefiting from your apprenticeship levy?

To arrange this on a no-obligation basis please contact:

David Murfitt

07930 493038

Bespoke Apprenticeships