Hybrid Working Here to Stay

Increasingly we find ourselves in a hybrid working world – more people are understandably working remotely – for some of the time at least.

Is this need to flex between two contexts presenting your organisation with leadership challenges?

Recent research suggests that the management skills needed to motivate people working remotely are different, specific, and worryingly all too often being overlooked.

Unsurprisingly, this is being felt most acutely by managers themselves – their roles & responsibilities have expanded considerably in the midst of a pandemic – at times without the benefits of training and development to effectively handle them.

Leadership Apprenticeships mean Business

Cidori, in partnership with our RoATP accredited partners at Barnet Southgate College are convinced that organisations need to respond to this emerging landscape by skilfully harnessing the apprenticeship levy and delivering the kind of bespoke training this new dynamic calls for.

Our tailored apprenticeship programmes will help you shape the kind of leadership qualities that result in a strong, engaged workforce that is resilient to change.

Why not talk with us? We would be delighted to arrange an informal, no-obligation video-conference or phone call with one of our levy consultants at your convenience – you might be pleasantly surprised by the different approach and ideas they leave you to consider.

Cidori works across multiple sectors to help UK business harness the Apprenticeship Levy

The vision is to engage our employees with fresh and new experiences by creating strong teams and developing individuals effectively. Our partnership with Cidori allows us to deliver an integrated learning and development function and work together to achieve this vision in an extremely beneficial way.”

Adam Ford, Continuous Improvement Manager, Lear Coventry

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