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Meeting Developing Business Needs

Emerging research suggests that many businesses are feeling more confident about prospects for growth – recent research by one specialist recruiter in the ‘Special UK Report: Demand for Skilled Talent’ suggests a significant uptick in UK business confidence levels. ( Interestingly however this confidence is tempered by an ongoing struggle to identify people with the … Continued

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SWAP to Recruit

Interesting to read McDonald’S CEO Paul Pomroy comments on the increasing challenges of attracting and recruiting the right talent – “it’s getting harder and harder to recruit”. Cidori recognises these challenges, and firmly believes that sector-based work academy programmes (SWAP) have a role to play in meeting them.   These funded, upskilling programmes are helping organisations … Continued

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Realising Re-skilling Potential

“Why lose talent when (people) have the potential to be reskilled?” What a timely question posed (HRreview June 18) by Jo-Ann Feeley. Upskilling needs to be high on the agenda for employers as businesses emerge into the changed Covid-19 landscape – and this surely requires re-engagement with the apprenticeship levy. As part of the bespoke … Continued

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3 R’s and the Current Climate

Back to school (or not) seems a big talking point currently – but not of course the only education issue… Cidori appreciates that the current situation presents unique challenges to businesses who want to develop their people – which brings us to the key role training will have when it comes to 3 vital R’s: … Continued

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‘Construct a Career’ Partners with Wates

Cidori is delighted to see more successful outcomes from our most recent ‘Construct a Career’ collaboration with O’Neill & Brennan, delivered in partnership with the Wates Group in Brent. Wates currently has a number of live sites across Brent that will offer job opportunities for graduates of Construct a Career, which offers rapid solutions to … Continued

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Getting ready for Brexit: Food and Drinks Manufacturing

Combine the automotive and aerospace sectors and you start to understand the scale of Food and Drink Manufacturing in the UK. According to a  Food & Drink Federation recent report, this sector contributes some £28.2b to the economy annually and employs some 400,000 people. It therefore represents a key component of the nation’s ‘farm to … Continued

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Apprenticeship Standards let you mind your own business

Every business needs a capable, confident and skilled workforce. And if our client experience is anything to go by, apprenticeships are often the not-so-secret weapon to achieve it. We know they really work. Yet the structure for designing and assessing apprenticeships has, in the main, focused on a frameworks model favouring academic achievement over occupational … Continued

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