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Continuous Improvement & Your Business

What is Continuous Improvement? Continuous improvement (CI) is a culture – it keeps the focus on improving the way things are done – on a regular basis. This can happen through progressive improvements to processes or by focusing on achieving larger process improvements. It’s important however not to miss the smaller, incremental changes that when aggregated bring valuable and significant … Continued

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Shifting gear: time to grasp opportunities in electric automotive manufacturing

Governmental priorities, customer expectations, technological innovations, environmental targets. All are driving the growth in battery operated vehicle production in the UK. Propulsion systems represent up to 50% of the value of a vehicle, so there is a considerable economic gain if the UK can position itself at the forefront of developing this next generation technology. … Continued

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Constructing new careers by keeping it local

Political uncertainty and Brexit delays have seen a widely buoyant construction industry chart a more uncertain course according to recent IHS Market / CIPS UK Construction Total Activity Index reports. Yet despite the findings, there remains a steady increase in house building. Particularly in growth areas like Birmingham, where demand is greatly outstripping supply for … Continued

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Why it pays to invest in your brand’s frontline

Great service makes good business First class customer service is one of the critical competitive advantages for any business. Successful organisations who invest in the development of their front-line service staff equip them to deliver the best customer experience possible. Customers receiving the best experience keep on coming back. State of the Connected Customer, a report by leading CRM … Continued

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Driving value through automotive apprenticeships

High value apprenticeships offer entry routes to employment, help people re-skill and change career, increase skill levels and workers’ wages, and enhance productivity which boosts economic growth. Get them right, and the positive outcomes are almost guaranteed. However, a new Social Market Foundation report, Making Apprenticeships Work, has highlighted a large variance in the effectiveness of … Continued

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It’s your Levy pot, make it count like Matalan

From 29 April any unspent Levy funds gradually start to get called in by the Government. It’s time to act if you’ve not started spending your Levy pot and don’t want to lose any of it. A new YouGov survey for Alliance Manchester Business School shows over a third of businesses still know nothing about the … Continued

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Construction training that builds solid careers

Filling 500 jobs in the next six months…that’s the exciting challenge we’re relishing in the Midlands. Whatever you might have heard, the UK construction industry is growing. And right now our construction partners are telling us they need at least 500 trained, willing people to start work on their construction projects. That’s 500 new jobs, … Continued

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What is 5s and how does it work in practice?

A high performing, fully functional workplace is critical for any manufacturing business to run successfully. Much is bandied around about the power of Lean manufacturing tools, but the reality is they’re truly effective and all based on sound, common sense. Once you understand them, and have refocused your entire team around them, the application of … Continued

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Rail training that fills vital roles and gets careers back on track

Record levels of capital investment have fuelled growth in the UK rail industry. On the surface this is welcome news, but the reality of delivering the UK’s multi-billion-pound railway upgrade plan has sparked a skills shortage that is currently unsustainable. On track with bespoke training In partnership with Rail industry leaders Ganymede and Morson Vital … Continued

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