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Rail training that fills vital roles and gets careers back on track

Record levels of capital investment have fuelled growth in the UK rail industry. On the surface this is welcome news, but the reality of delivering the UK’s multi-billion-pound railway upgrade plan has sparked a skills shortage that is currently unsustainable. On track with bespoke training In partnership with Rail industry leaders Ganymede and Morson Vital … Continued

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Manufacturing must engage the Gen Z workforce

The global manufacturing sector is facing a talent crisis.  When the last of the Baby-Boomer workforce retires, it will need to have recruited a new generation of workers – the upcoming Generation ‘Z-ers’ – and fast. Herein lies the problem. According to the new Barclays Corporate Banking Manufacturing report, A New Image for Manufacturing, manufacturing is simply … Continued

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Use it or lose it, why the public sector needs to spend its apprenticeship levy

A recent press report has revealed that more than two-thirds of Whitehall’s apprenticeship levy pot remains untouched more than a year after the Apprenticeship Levy was first introduced. Some departments have not yet touched a penny of their levy pot, with the Department for Education – the government department responsible for introducing the apprenticeship levy – having only spent 4 per … Continued

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How ‘Lean’ is your Office?

Running a Lean office is all about delivering maximum customer value. About streamlining and improving business processes to make customer interactions faster and more efficient, and keep the workforce feeling productive and valued. A common misconception is that Lean only applies to manufacturing processes, yet every business involved with implementing continuous improvement should be Lean, … Continued

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Mind the Gap: functional skills matter

We’ve all seen and heard the reports. Official figures and various Government and other agency reports continue to reveal the struggle that thousands have with Maths and English in the UK. Government data (2012) showed only one in 15 (6.5%) pupils who start secondary school in England “behind” for their age will then go on … Continued

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Apprenticeships: no longer a second-class option

All the signs are that attitudes regarding education are shifting. Students are increasingly aware of the stark realities facing many graduates – no guarantees of higher paying jobs on graduation and inevitable student debt for those taking the university route. So it’s not surprising that many are beginning to think long and hard about a … Continued

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Turning the Levy into language we can all understand

In our previous blog Getting ready for Brexit: Food and Drinks Manufacturing we explored the challenges facing the sector as it prepares for Brexit. It’s not just the food and drink sector facing tough challenges of course. The CIPD’s Resourcing and Talent Planning 2017 survey shows that across all sectors, businesses are expecting one of the biggest … Continued

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Apprenticeships must rise above latest government figures

Apprenticeships can be one of the most important investments your company will ever make. They deliver real benefits to both businesses and learners, and are one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of developing your workforce and improving your bottom line. At a broader level, the very real possibility of the free movement … Continued

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