Cidori – Barnet College partnership utilises Lean management methodology to apply a wide range of common sense techniques and improvements to the workplace.


Highly effective, relatively easy to implement and guaranteed to bring great results.

Lean is simply sound, common sense…


A high performing, fully functional workplace is critical for any business to run successfully.  By getting Lean, businesses increase productivity, boost staff morale and grow profits.

With our training partners at Barnet Southgate College, we place Lean at the heart of all of our bespoke apprenticeship programmes.

For us, Lean is more than just a waste or cost reduction tactic… it’s a mindset, a modus operandi for every business wanting to achieve the very best results.

Some of the go-to Lean tools and techniques we embed into our apprenticeship programmes are considered below:


We all know that a clean, well-organised workplace is critical to achieving consistently good results. Messy, cluttered spaces lead to mistakes, slowdowns in production, and even accidents, and these of course will interrupt your operation and negatively impact on your business.

5S is a way to better organise workplaces and working practices. Split into 5 phases (each named after Japanese terms) it helps sort clutter, arrange and maintain your tools, machines and other equipment and importantly set and embed standards that establish a more organised way of working – the results are amazing, become cultural and are further evidence of lean thinking and common sense.  


As any parent will know, a three year-old constantly asking “why?” can drive you crazy but it can also teach us a valuable business improvement lesson. When hard data is not available, by imitating the inquiring mind of your offspring (and five “Whys” is a good rule of thumb) you’ll be peeling away layers of symptoms which often reveal the underlying cause of a problem. 

A disciplined approach to this principle ensures a logical flow as you dig deeper – commonly the apparent reason for a problem leads you to another question. 


8D stands for the 8 disciplines of problem-solving – 8 steps needed to solve tough, recurrent or business critical problems – the kind of problems that often represent failing your customer or a major cost to your operation. 

We regularly exploit 8D because we believe it delivers transparency, inspires a team approach, and importantly drives up the chances of solving problems.

The strength of 8D lies in its structure, discipline and methodology, but the results are well worth the investment. It can drive systemic change to improve an entire workflow or production process, not just resolving the issue at hand.

Learning & Development Strategy


These are just some of the tools and techniques that Cidori along with our training partners will utilise as part of our bespoke apprenticeship delivery programme.

A robust Learning & Development Strategy based on our Intelligent Insight approach will help your company create a sustainable, successful organisation, one that drives high performance and supports change.