How ‘Lean’ is your Office?

Running a Lean office is all about delivering maximum customer value. About streamlining and improving business processes to make customer interactions faster and more efficient, and keep the workforce feeling productive and valued.

A common misconception is that Lean only applies to manufacturing processes, yet every business involved with implementing continuous improvement should be Lean, particularly in the service industry.

On a production line it’s sometimes easier to see how streamlining operational processes can speed up manufacture with the obvious benefits that brings. In an office environment, this can feel more intangible. Office staff should generally not be treated the same as an automated production line (!), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to reduce or eliminate wasteful practices to make them more effective and efficient. And in doing so, actually increase staff morale, reduce stress and improve overall team working.

The benefits of a Lean office


We run a number of Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) Lean Office apprenticeship levy delivery programmes in offices up and down the country. Our clients have enjoyed substantial, tangible benefits including:

  • reduced paperwork
  • improved work-flow
  • improved productivity
  • better teamwork
  • reduced staff stress
  • reduced overall operating costs

Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) Lean Office is designed to empower employees and employers to improve performance and it will allow you to tap into the proven strategic and financial value of continuous business improvement.

Your business is unique and you operate in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This calls for a number of imperatives – agility, efficiency and value for money to name a few. Cidori’s bespoke Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) Lean Office apprenticeship delivery will keep your staff trained and engaged in business improvement and lead to changing behaviours and cultures that you see as road blocks to increased turnover and profitability.

Reduce waste, grow the bottom-line

Our training spans principles and concepts through to practical implementation, showing you how waste can be dramatically reduced, how customer and employee satisfaction can be significantly improved and how via quantitative evaluation, you can see genuine bottom-line improvements in Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD).

Lean Office will help your teams grasp the key principles, find them easy to implement in their roles and thus enable change – specifically designed for the office environment, it will make your business operate more efficiently.

Examples of some of the projects we have already delivered for County Councils, Health Authorities, Emergency Services as part of this BIT Lean Office programme include:

  • Efficient Sickness Reporting
  • Client Billing Standardisation
  • Streamlining of Admin Processes
  • Leaner Recruitment Processes
  • Improving pan-organisational information flow
  • Integration of multiple IT Processes
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures

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CIDORI’s tailored approach means flexibility – we want you to focus on those elements of the programme that directly meet your business needs. We understand that people with the right skills are hard to find and pivotal to your long-term growth.

Read about the experiences of some of our clients here – these illustrate the many positive benefits our Lean training has had on their businesses.

CIDORI delivers BIT across multiple industry sectors – it is a key part of our workforce apprenticeship levy programme, developed and delivered in partnership with RoTAP accredited, Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’, Gateshead College.

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