Turning the Levy into language we can all understand

In our previous blog Getting ready for Brexit: Food and Drinks Manufacturing we explored the challenges facing the sector as it prepares for Brexit.

It’s not just the food and drink sector facing tough challenges of course. The CIPD’s Resourcing and Talent Planning 2017 survey shows that across all sectors, businesses are expecting one of the biggest changes in the next three years to be the increasing difficulty in recruiting skilled employees.


Skills shortages

Back to food and drink, we know this sector alone is facing a seriously big skills shortage, needing to recruit a staggering 140,000 new recruits by 2024* to keep up with workforce demands. Recruiting entry level workers is highly challenging. Retaining them is even harder. The recently established Food and Drink Sector Council has set an early priority around skills development and retention.

Around one third of the workforce in the UK Food and Drinks Manufacturing sector are European migrant workers. Both workers and employers are concerned about stability and workforce supply, and so a significant step change is needed across the UK to develop talent and to tackle structural barriers that prevent the sector from securing skills.

Getting the language right

One of those barriers boils down to the very basics: language. Many migrant workers lack the necessary English Language skills to enable them to perform effectively and benefit from equality of opportunity when it comes to career development. It’s the duty of employers to help.

For us, the solution is a holistic one and involves the following:

  1. Using the levy to design and deliver bespoke internal training and CPD frameworks…
  2. …that start with English Language courses, delivered through providers such as ESOL…
  3. …and are underpinned by industry standard , quality assured vocational qualifications, such as BIT

We’re using this three-pronged approach to help our clients achieve their learning and development goals and get the right talent on board.

Use your Levy

Late last year the government announced the introduction of a Food and Drink Sector Council as part of its industrial strategy. One of its early priorities will be to boost skills.

It is essential that food and drinks companies put in place robust training frameworks in place to support their workers at every stage of their development. Cidori can help you do this by making your Levy pot work much harder.

Talk to us

To discuss how Cidori can help your business improve, transform your learning and increase the opportunities available, contact:

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Our workforce apprenticeships programme is developed and delivered in partnership with RoTAP accredited Gateshead College.

“I would recommend Cidori to any business that wants to fully utilise their apprenticeship levy to develop an effective workforce training and development strategy.”
James Townsend, Senior HR Manager, Cranswick

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*source: Food and Drinks Federation