Managing without Training?

Wherever you are on the innate vs learned leadership skills debate, the fact is that trained managers are happier and untrained ones are much more likely to be looking for their next position.

Recent studies suggest that as many as 25% of those managing/supervising others don’t get any management training, with up to 40% only getting training on commencement of a management role.  [ 30/11/2021]

When you add to this the pace at which technology is picking up what were once ‘managerial’ tasks, plus a 2021 Gartner survey which revealed:

  • 85% of HR leaders feel empathy has become more important since the pandemic
  • Only 47% of employees said they thought their managers were prepared for a future role
  • Employees with empathetic managers were much more productive

Then a clear picture emerges in which softer, ‘people’ skills and qualities become increasingly important – where management is less about monitoring activities and more about understanding people and how they are feeling. Leadership is after all a human & social accomplishment arising from an understanding of one’s colleagues, their personal goals and how they contribute to the overarching goals of the business.

For these reasons strategic use of the Apprenticeship levy to train and upskill your leadership team makes abundant sense.

You will know how vital the first line management role is for your business – not only in managing teams to deliver clearly defined outcomes but in providing direction/guidance to ensure the achievement of set goals and help you build relationships internally and externally.

Our Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Programme will develop your leadership talent to support, manage and develop team members, manage projects and plan/monitor workloads and resources.

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