It’s your Levy pot, make it count like Matalan

From 29 April any unspent Levy funds gradually start to get called in by the Government. It’s time to act if you’ve not started spending your Levy pot and don’t want to lose any of it.

A new YouGov survey for Alliance Manchester Business School shows over a third of businesses still know nothing about the Apprenticeship Levy. And yet, these same businesses are worried about maintaining quality teams over the coming years.

Now we’re not saying this is your business, but if like many of our clients you’re in the early stages of making plans for your Levy and would benefit from advice on how to make the most from it, then we can help.

We devise and deliver bespoke apprenticeship training programmes, funded through your Levy pot, to improve staff retention and increase profitability. Read on to see how retail giant Matalan is benefiting from their Levy with our support.


An efficient and organised warehouse is of the utmost importance for retail managers. Asset management systems that are fast, efficient and easy to use are essential.

Fashion and homeware retailer Matalan  wanted to increase efficiency in a key area of their asset management system at their Knowsley HQ; namely the maintenance of scanning equipment. As a result of their BIT apprenticeship programme, developed and delivered in partnership with Cidori, they’ve achieved it. 

Driving down downtime

The current scanner system (affecting 350 handheld scanners at a cost of £1,000 each) was causing avoidable and expensive downtime. Scanners were getting lost or damaged, batteries were not being charged and operative time was being wasted sourcing kit that was good to go, especially at the start of a new shift.

In some instances, it was taking up to 30 minutes from shift start time for the entire shift team to become fully operational. When you consider there are 200 picker operatives, the impact was considerable.

Matalan had also recently invested significant funds in faster finger scanners to replace the hand-helds, but with the prevailing issues in asset management, finger scanners weren’t ready to be rolled out.

Levy-funded solution

With full management buy-in, Cidori worked in partnership with Matalan on a shop floor led Business Improvement Techniques project, funded entirely through their Levy pot. The project focused on reducing the downtime needed to maintain, access and charge scanners at shift handover, as well as lessening the requirement for battery changes during shifts.

Saving time and cost

Matalan has achieved an overall saving of £150,875 per annum, achieved through:

  • Reduction in downtime
  • Reduced shift handover time from one hour to less than 15 minutes
  • Reduced battery changes during shift
  • Rollout of finger scanners from end of January this year.

This is just one of numerous projects Cidori is undertaking with Matalan. All of which are delivering substantial operational and financial benefits.

Apprenticeships work. Fact.

With a bespoke apprenticeship programme from Cidori, you will:

  • Learn from the best on-the-job training in your workplace with dedicated, highly qualified tutors
  • Be fully accredited Level 2 nationally recognised qualifications, delivered in partnership with an outstanding college
  • Get apprenticeships for everyone bespoke apprenticeship programmes for current employees as well as new recruits
  • Enjoy maximum flexibility apprenticeships that cover hundreds of job roles, service areas and responsibilities
  • Help your talent grow cost-effective, funded development of your talent pipeline & upskilling existing employees
  • Reap the rewards achieve massive financial, operational and HR benefits year on year

How we know they work 

We’ve helped our apprenticeship clients achieve some real wins in 2018. Here are a few highlights:

Lear has the Edge

Our client Lear has been recognised at the Gateshead College Edge Awards for its commitment to developing a skilled workforce through apprenticeships, delivered by us and our partners Gateshead College. Read more in our blog.

Grupo going great

Grupo Antolin recently won Employer of the Year at Barnet & Southgate’s One College Many Stars awards in November. Cidori is rolling out a national apprenticeship contract with Grupo Antolin across their multiple UK sites. Read more in our case study.

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CIDORI delivers bespoke apprenticeships in manufacturing that are developed in partnership with RoATP accredited, Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’, Gateshead College.

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Cidori delivers bespoke apprenticeship programmes developed in partnership with RoATP accredited, Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’, Gateshead College.

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