Every business needs a capable, confident and skilled workforce.

With our training & funding partners, Cidori’s range of workforce development solutions train and nurture your people, from pre-employment training right through to leadership development.

Bespoke Apprenticeships

From the shop floor to the board room, apprenticeships are now a hugely successful way to retain and develop talent across your entire organisation.   
And if you have a Levy pot, it’s already paid for.

Apprenticeship Levy

We can help your business spend its Apprenticeship Levy wisely and profitably.
From leveraging additional funds, to programme design and managing training providers, with our support your Levy pot will make your business stronger and more competitive.

Ready for Work

Working with Job Centre Plus, employers and specialist recruitment agencies across the country, with our training partners we get hundreds of people back into sustainable employment every year.

As examples take the Construction & Logistics sectors – among the UK’s fastest-growing industries – the range of  projects and opportunities make these both challenging and exciting sectors to build a career in. Why not start that journey with us today?

Intelligent Insight

Cidori, along with our training partners pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients and their business.

Our key strength is our ability to thoroughly understand every organisation we work with – what makes your organisation unique.

We call this intelligent insight.

Our Approach

In designing any apprenticeship or sector-based work training programme, we follow our three step approach, using Intelligent Insights that come from deep dives:


We dive deep into your business model, your L&D strategy, and your goals to identity projects that will reap tangible and measurable results for your particular business:

  • cost savings e.g. waste reduction, improving profitability
  • cross-organisation culture and behaviour change
  • upskilled or re-skilled employees
  • increased job satisfaction
  • improved retention rates
  • strengthened talent pipeline


We co-design the programme with you, setting outcomes, appropriate accreditation and qualification, timeframes to minimise disruption, and funding. 

We can even offer you a site visit to one of our existing clients so you can see first-hand what the Cidori bespoke apprenticeship model looks and feels like in action.


You’ll have an on-site tutor throughout your project, and a dedicated client support manager to make sure your programme is running smoothly and effectively. It facilitates continuous improvement, monitoring and evaluation. 

We also devise and supply and in-depth Learner Handbooks which cover workforce expectations, operational guidance i.e. ‘how we do things here’ and the performance targets you’ve set.