Operational Excellence to Sustainable, Continuous Improvement


Improvements that keep on giving…


Improvement & levy solutions bringing…

  • Change that is collaborative & durable
  • Accredited learning mapped to 6-Sigma
  • Projects with genuine business application
  • Real value to your business
  • Our multi-skilled team of specialists 
  • Improvements that keep on giving  

We firmly believe Apprenticeships should positively influence your:

  •  Reputation: Strengthen your brand through sustained continuous improvement
  •  People: Enhance employee engagement, talent recognition & retention – optimizing individual & company performance
  •  Strategy: Empower others to problem solve, giving cross functional abilities – allow senior team head space to focus on the bigger picture
  •  Results: Deliver cultural change leading to operational excellence with tangible, measurable outcomes
In partnership with our RoATP funding & training providers we offer a range of fully managed programmes – explore them below: 

Process Leader:
Learner Journey

Lean Manufacturing Operative:

Customer Service Practitioner: Overview

Improvement Practitioner: Learner Journey

Team Leadership:
Learner Journey

Lean Manufacturing Operative:
Learner Journey

Improvement Technician:
Learner Journey

Operations or Departmental Manager:
Learner Journey

Supply Chain Practitioner:

Supply Chain Warehouse Operative:

Speak with our experts...

One of our consultants will be delighted to meet or speak with you on an informal basis – no hard sell – to understand your business, explore different ways of approaching the levy and leave ideas for you to consider.

Apart from some time, you’ve nothing to lose – and everything to gain – use the contact button or just drop us a brief email and someone will be in touch:

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Our fully managed bespoke improvement programmes deliver:

Learning from the best
On the job training in your workplace with dedicated not diluted highly qualified tutors

Be fully accredited
Nationally recognised qualifications, delivered in partnership with a great college

Get apprenticeships for everyone
Bespoke apprenticeship programmes for current employees as well as new recruits

Enjoy maximum flexibility
Apprenticeships that cover numerous roles, services areas and responsibilities

Help your talent grow
Cost effective, fully funded development of your talent pipeline and up-skilling existing staff

Reap the rewards
Achieve massive financial, operations and HR benefits year on year