Use it or lose it, why the public sector needs to spend its apprenticeship levy

A recent press report has revealed that more than two-thirds of Whitehall’s apprenticeship levy pot remains untouched more than a year after the Apprenticeship Levy was first introduced.

Some departments have not yet touched a penny of their levy pot, with the Department for Education – the government department responsible for introducing the apprenticeship levy – having only spent 4 per cent of it by July of this year.

Due to the vast remit of the civil service – and indeed local authorities across the country – the public sector is accruing significant sums of levy money to invest in both new staff and existing workforces. This is money, that if not spent by April 2019, will be divested to other purposes.  Large public sector organisations – and their workforces – stand to lose out.

Miss it, miss out

Levy funds which accrue are ring fenced for two years and, following this, start to leave the individual Levy accounts and filter into government funds where they are inaccessible to the organisation that has accrued them.

So, has there ever been a more credible, convincing case to start spending on apprenticeships in your local authority? At Cidori we think not…we know that the Apprenticeship Levy offers unprecedented opportunities for organisations to refresh their talent and upskill existing employees.

Apprenticeships work. Fact

With a bespoke apprenticeship programme from Cidori, your workplace could benefit from any or all of the following:

  • on-the-job training in your workplace with dedicated, qualified tutors
  • apprenticeship programmes for existing employees as well as new recruits
  • programmes available from Level 2 nationally recognised qualifications
  • cost-effective, funded development of your talent pipeline & upskilling existing employee
  • apprenticeships available in hundreds of job roles, covering most service areas and responsibilities
  • massive financial, operational and HR benefits, based on employer feedback

We know this as fact, as we’ve spent the last 12 months capturing business improvement outcomes from every one of our apprenticeship clients.

Whilst there is some evidence to show that the public sector has started to increase the number of apprenticeships there is clearly a very steep hill to climb before April 2019.

We’re here to help 

Cidori’s tailored approach means flexibility – we want you to focus on those elements of the programme that directly meet your business needs. We understand that people with the right skills are hard to find and pivotal to your long-term growth.

Cidori delivers Business Improvement Techniques across multiple sectors – it is a key part of our workforce apprenticeship levy programme, developed and delivered in partnership with RoTAP accredited, Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’, Gateshead College.

For a no-obligation discussion on how your organisation can benefit from a Cidori bespoke apprenticeship programme please contact:

David Murfitt
01788 851230

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