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Construction has always reported unskilled and skilled shortages of labour in the industry, but there is a disconnect between the agencies, employers and the people trying to get into the industry. Cidori have a proven record of delivering tailored training solutions across various sectors including construction.

Cidori’s unique approach in the industry provides partnership opportunities to Employers and Recruitment Agencies, enabling you to freely ‘piggyback’ onto our successful course deliveries across the country.

This represents a unique opportunity to have your own corporate training course at no cost. The proven (currently) digitally delivered training course is already well established and enjoying impressive results, including job outcomes.

Building on our already established platform enables you to train up the next generation of workers.


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Training – Funding – Employment Solution for the Construction Industry

  • One Day Health and Safety Certificate
  • Provided instantly following successful completion, providing the fastest way to book a CITB test
  • CITB test paid for
  • CSCS Green Operative Card paid for

✓ Supports Section 106 obligations
✓ Increase CCS Project scoring
✓ Provide local jobs to local people
✓ Positive Socio-Economic impacts for your clients
✓ Free pool of trained candidates hungry to work
✓ Brand ownership of the course, great PR exposure
✓ Increase your tender offering for Social Value/CSR solutions
✓ Secure more ‘Sole Supply’ work on projects with this offer.

Safeguarding the Supply of Newly Qualified Entrants

Construction has always reported unskilled and skilled shortages of labour in the industry, but there is a disconnect between the agencies, employers and the people trying to get into the industry.

In 2021 there is an EU Settlement Status application requirement following our exit from the EU, this could see a further exodus of workers from the UK to work back in their home countries.

By partnering up with us, it will be helping to safeguard the steady supply of newly qualified people at entry level to the construction industry.

Delivering & Supporting Social Value

Social Value, the Return on Investment a project provides to the local area within which it is being constructed, is gathering more relevance in the recruitment space for projects. TOMs and HACT are some of the monitoring tools now available to Main Contractors and Housebuilders  that give them the ability to provide monetary value reporting to clients and developers.

There is no better time to take up this opportunity to have a Social Value generating training course provided by your company, which in turn will give you the added value that all recruitment agencies strive for – to win more work, PSL’s and tender interviews. It’s a win-win situation that we would like to offer to you at no cost.

What We Do

A typical training course shown here will run for between 2-3 weeks. We use our relationships with local Councils,
Job Centres, Housing Associations and Charities to receive referrals of learners to the course.

These courses are typically oversubscribed. We filter the candidates based on previous work experience and likelihood to succeed in construction.

In the current climate, 50% of the learners have worked in construction, were low paid workers but could not afford to renew their CSCS Cards.

Suitable candidates from these courses who will all go on to succeed again in their construction careers.

DeliveryTutor led remote delivery using videoconference
Length3 weeks
Learning times10:00 – 16:00 (Mon-Fri)
Qualifications & CSCS Card

One Day Health & Safety Certificate

CITB Test & Green CSCS Card (paid for)

ETCAL Certficate of Introduction to Digital Skills

ETCAL Award in Personal Resilience & Perseverence

ETCAL Certificate in Introduction to Construction

ETCAL Certificate in Securing Employment

Level 1






“I really appreciate…all your moral support doing the course. I started work today (with my PTS) for Thames Water in London as (part of) the confined space rescue team…thanks.”

Lateef, Former Trainee

Now in full time employment (Construction Skills learner, followed by Rail Track Safety)

Use Our Model to Win Business

Use our training scheme as your own at no cost & register all your learners.

Here’s our tried and tested method:

Position your Company as a Social Value Recruiter, high ethical practice towards CSR and giving back to the local communities through funding, training and employment practices.

For example, set a corporate KPI for the number of new people the company plans on training up over the course of 2021 to:

• Help manage the supply of labour as a risk management strategy to EUSS following Brexit

• Provide a steady stream of new people to the industry directly through your company

• Help your clients achieve their Section 106 Obligations and Social Value KPI’s

• Pass on the historical information to help your clients with the tender submissions

Six Steps to Training Success

Step 1
Create your own Social Value Training Course Brand, Logo, Tagline, Elevator Pitch (we can help with this)

Step 2
Decide which region and main contractor project you would like to work in conjunction with

Step 3
We can then start arranging the for the training course, referrals from local JCP’s etc. and give you a start date (usually around 1 month lead time)

Step 4
We ask that you support the interview process

Step 5
We have previously arranged Course completion days (in person), where Main Contractor Directors, Local Mayors and MP’s, Councillors have attended for a press release. These course completions (when done in person), usually end up in the local papers, on Main Contractor Linkedin pages (with 90,000+ followers), but also featured on Construction News with huge reach and exposure. Whilst the monetary value of this isn’t tangible, the exposure of the Training Course brand to other prospective clients is

Step 6
Place the learners into work


Secure Digital Training Compliancy Wallet

Fast forward CSCS Card…we understand that when Construction skills learners pass their CSCS test, getting their CSCS ‘green card’ quickly is important – without the card they simply cannot get onto a Construction site.

So, we’ve developed ‘Qualcard’– obtained via an App, this electronic version provides instant access to the CSCS card after the test is passed.

No waiting for the card to arrive – fast forward to receipt and getting into work – job done!

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