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Combine the automotive and aerospace sectors and you start to understand the scale of Food and Drink Manufacturing in the UK. With Brexit implications becoming clearer and as the UK seeks it’s own trade agreements, many are reaching the conclusion that apprenticeships need to become the main focus for meeting the growing skills demands of this sector.


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Don’t kick the training can….

According to the last  Food & Drink Federation report we’ve seen, the sector was contributing somewhere in the region of £28.2b to the economy annually and employing some 400,000 people. So it represents a key component of the nation’s ‘farm to fork’ food chain – imperative to our prosperity and wider economic interests.

So, whatever Brexit and resultant trade agreements bring, this sector is wisely preparing itself for change, especially when it comes to recruitment, upskilling and retention of staff.

Use your Levy loaf…

Cranswick Food invited Cidori to discuss harnessing the Apprenticeship levy with a Lean approach as a framework for their training objectives, aligned with Continuous Improvement/6 Sigma methodologies. Their requirement training specifically targeted at the shop-floor workforce – providing them with the tools and results based knowledge that would drive forward Cranswick’s cultural and behavioural strategy.

Feedback from the senior team on using their levy speaks for itself:

Throughout the journey we have not only seen an array of implemented and successful projects, which have directly delivered positive impact to our profitability, but our partnership with Cidori has afforded us the opportunity to expand training to Leadership Programs targeted at a Supervisory/Shift leader level and also across our Management team.”

Have your cake…

At least 75% of all apprentices stay with their employer at the end of their apprenticeship, and larger employers now have the opportunity to develop and deliver bespoke apprenticeship programmes that will really benefit their business.

Cidori in partnership with training & funding partners has worked with a number of key organisations in this growing sector to manage and deliver bespoke apprenticeship programmes that are making a real difference, as these comments from Randall Parker Foods demonstrate:

This programme has shown staff the challenges a company faces when making decisions on implementing new processes, including evaluating cost, barriers and the importance of adding value. Those [who are] not normally decision makers within the business have been given the opportunity to find solutions, alter processes and implement new procedures. A win-win for everyone.”

Jim Gaffney, Managing Director

Why choose the Cidori-Barnet Partnership?

  • In partnership we represent a national training provider with a proven track record
  • Our partnership with Barnet College delivers quality assured learning from tutors with significant sector experience
  • Our partnership team is always flexible and responsive and committed to delivering the highest quality service
  • Everything we do is employer-led and bespoke to your business needs
  • We have multi-sector experience and networks
  • We’ll help you achieve massive financial, operations and HR benefits year on year

Getting qualified

Using your Levy pot, our funding & training partnership team can work with you to design fully-funded bespoke apprenticeships. Cidori-Barnet College apprenticeships range from technical operations and engineering through to leadership and management.

We can also offer blending learning on lean methodologies in any of our programmes to provide all workers with solid skills in waste reduction and continuous improvement techniques.

I would recommend Cidori to any business that wants to fully utilise their apprenticeship levy to develop an effective workforce training and development strategy.”

James Townsend, Senior HR Manager, Cranswick Foods

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In partnership, Cidori-Barnet College can transform your learning and increase the opportunities available to you.

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