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Supply Chain, Logistics & Warehousing 

Supply Chain, Logistics & Warehousing is a fast growing UK industry – the rapidly developing range of opportunities makes it one the most challenging and rewarding sectors in which to drive forward your career.

When you add into the mix a blend of Digital Skills plus Securing Employment Skills it stacks up to a fantastic 3 week learning opportunity!

One of those jobs could be yours. With Cidori’s online learning course: Introduction to Supply Chain Logistics you’ll get all the skills you need to move ahead in your new career.

What’s more, it’s completely FREE!

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What will you learn?

  • Understanding the Supply Chain Industry
  • Introduction to Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Health, safety & risk assessment
  • Team working
  • Moving, handling goods & components
  • Personal Social Skills
  • Personal Resilience – how to bounce back & forward from setbacks and nurture self determination
  • Work-skills – identify job opportunities, improve your CV & job applications
  • Preparing for and succeeding at job interviews


What will you get?

  • Online learning delivered via videoconferencing over three weeks
  • Virtual classroom in your own home led by a fully qualified tutor
  • Superb employers: guaranteed interviews on final day of course
  • Personal Career Plan in logistics
  • No exam – portfolio based assessment

What will you achieve?

  • Level 1 Certificate in Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Level 1 Award in Personal Resilience & Perseverance
  • Level 1 Award in Personal & Social Skills

Week One

Personal Social Skills
Personal Resilience & Perseverance Skills

Week Two

Introduction to Supply Chain & Logistics

Week Three

Securing Employment

I would like to thank Cidori for giving me this opportunity to get my life back on track because without it I would never have got back into work so easily.”

Laurence Hull, former learner

Now in full time employment

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Entry requirements

  • Age 19 as of the 31st August prior to the course commencing
  • In receipt of any of these benefits: JSA/ESA/UC/Income Support
  • UK resident 3 years minimum
  • Laptop/PC required. No smart phones please
  • You must have one of the following forms of ID:
    UK Passport, UK Driving Licence, UK Birth Certificate, EU ID card/
    passport or Residency Permit/documents

Education Provider Funding the Programme: