SWAPs: A Much Needed ‘Foot in the Door’

With the impact of Covid-19 on employment and the number of people looking for work and/or experiencing real concern over their career and future, the Government announced its ‘Plan for Jobs’ back in July 2020. With c.£280bn of funding, it offers a number of products designed to help people in various situations back into work.

One of the key initiatives within the plan is SWAPsSector Based Work Academy Programmes. These are available to jobseekers of all ages receiving Universal Credit, JSA or ESA – giving them a much needed ‘foot in the door’ – the opportunity to be ready for work in a new sector, gain valuable training/experience along with a guaranteed job interview.

SWAPs are that ‘foot in the door’ needed by many…

Given the massive labour market changes that Covid-19 has brought, many sectors have taken a big hit in terms of job availability. So, understanding these market patterns – what and where the available jobs are – is vital as jobseekers are helped to learn about the different career paths open to them. This calls for strong links – and a ‘hands-on’ shared approach between training providers, referral agencies such as JCP and employers.

Cidori believes that SWAPs offer routes into sectors that might otherwise not be open to jobseekers looking for a change of direction – simply applying to an employer without the benefit of the programmes on offer may well lead to early disappointment. Plus, businesses get to ‘give something back’ by supporting their local communities in this crucial way.

For this reason, Cidori continues to build the strength and depth of our successful ‘Ready For Work’ programmes – across sectors such as Construction, Retail/Call Centre Operations, Rail track safety, Teaching Assistants and in Adult Social Care.

We believe these programmes represent tremendous opportunities for helping people into sustainable employment, learning, or refreshing skills and achieving transformative results in terms of personal resilience (now an integral feature of all our pre-employment programmes) and self-confidence.

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