Is training your workforce using the Levy a viable option?

With the recent introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, there have been discussions within most organisations, as to how to generate real value from an Apprenticeship programme.

Some have taken the view that to invest in Management programmes is the only way forward….but is this the best approach?

Many of the clients we speak to are finding it increasingly difficult to attract the calibre of labour required at a shop floor level. Therefore, they fear a negative impact on overall efficiency and service levels. What is clear then, is that to succeed in the post Brexit era, quality and retention of labour will become a key business barometer.

With unemployment levels at a record low point, the seasonal impact of e-commerce labour requirements and large numbers of Eastern European workers returning to their homelands, never has it been more crucial to focus on creating a motivated and energised workforce.

There are a number of pathways within Level 2 Apprenticeship programmes, such as BIT (Business Improvement Techniques) which offer the employee the opportunity to understand in more detail how he/she can contribute to the overall success of their organisation. For many, the structured classroom approach is new and coupled with targeted improvement projects, this results in many learners starting to move out of their comfort zone.

Functional Skills and H&S training are often seen as ‘non-value added’, but in the classroom many employees actually see this as a major benefit and work with the tutors to successfully complete these modules. On the technical side, learning lean tool and techniques is an opportunity for everyone to be involved in improvement activities and a chance to show how new skills can be deployed.

On analysis of results, the technical training is a given, but not surprisingly the following business results surface:

  • Improved Business efficiency and cost savings
  • Increased Attendance and Retention Levels
  • Reduction in Accident Rates
  • Employee Morale improvements
  • Service Quality improvements

Surely, this is the way forward!

Adam Hayes
Board Director

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